List of Korean Filler Brands
The beauty offerings in South Korea are undeniably captivating. Not only renowned for its fantastic skincare products, but the country also excels in cosmetic procedures that can transform one's appearance, such as achieving a V-line face shape, doll-like eyes, and higher cheekbones. Koreans are passionate about enhancing their K-drama-worthy looks and appearing youthful.

Korean filler brands continue to raise the bar each year, breaking into the beauty community and competing with international filler brands. The popularity of fillers has surged as people recognize their versatility. However, some are still uncertain about how these fillers work and whether there are differences between Korean and imported filler brands.

How do fillers work?
The majority of the fillers discussed here are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies and helps retain moisture. It is widely used in fillers because the body readily accepts it. The advantage of using Hyaluronic acid is that it can be broken down or dissolved easily, allowing for potential adjustments if needed.

Direct injection of HA into the skin may lead to quick dissolution or spreading. Therefore, it undergoes processing before use, and different brands have distinct processes. Depending on the filler's purpose, some brands create thicker fillers, while others make finer and thinner ones. Additionally, some brands have separate structures for the fillers. The manufacturing process involves mixing, reacting, blending, washing, and sterilizing the ingredients for most fillers. Each brand introduces changes in the reaction and mixing phase to develop their product.

Two main structures made in the reaction stage are monophasic and biphasic. Monophasic fillers have cross-links formed between hyaluronic acid chains, creating a gel-like structure. On the other hand, biphasic fillers have gel-like hyaluronic acid with free particles. While biphasic fillers provide more volume, they may not be as smooth as monophasic ones.

List of best Korean filler brands:
Finding the right Korean filler can be overwhelming due to the vast array of options available. However, we've made it easier for you with the following recommendations:

1. 1 TIME: This hyaluronic filler utilizes L technology, employing a 2-step cross-linking process for a more stable gel.

1 TIME - L

2. Revolax: Known for its highly cross-linked HA particles, Revolax offers three products, providing versatility in various treatments.

- Revolax Deep
- Revolax Fine
- Revolax Sub-Q

3. Dermalax: Developed by a trustworthy medical device company, Across, Dermalax offers multiple skin rejuvenation and facial sculpting options.

4. Chaeum Premium: This cross-linked HA filler series consists of various fillers designed to treat wrinkles of different depths, augment lips, and rejuvenate appearance.

Why choose Korean Fillers?
Korean fillers, also known as cosmetic or injectable facial fillers, are non-surgical treatments used to soften facial wrinkles and add volume. They create a plumper and more lifted appearance by softening muscles under the skin surface.

Korean fillers are recommended for various purposes, including reducing smile lines, enhancing the nose without surgery, immediate results, lip contouring, forehead lines, and more.

Where to buy Korean Fillers?
Korean HA filler brands, both domestic and imported, are available in Korea and can be purchased from their company websites or local stores. It is generally more cost-effective to obtain fillers in South Korea than in other countries. Additionally, there are online websites with databases of clinics and treatments, offering consultation forms and cost estimates. Alternatively, services acting as intermediaries can assist in booking procedures.

Ultimately, the choice of brand is less critical than selecting an experienced and certified doctor who is familiar with a particular brand. Consulting with the doctor thoroughly before deciding on fillers is essential for a successful outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Korean Brand Fillers safe?
Korean Fillers, composed of FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid, are considered safe with minimal side effects. Non-licensed practitioners are prohibited from performing non-surgical and surgical procedures in South Korea, ensuring that experts handle filler procedures. Any minor side effects that may occur typically resolve within a week.