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Precautions for using Medical Devices

It is recommended that medical-related
products among the products sold by Medical be used only by doctors or medical
staff with a professional medical license equivalent thereto.

Medical-related products are strongly
influenced by individual health conditions, environment, and usage guidelines,
so it is recommended to use them according to the procedure and advice of a
professional before use.

Celmade does not provide usage guides for
personal use.

In addition, we inform you that Celmade Does
Not Take Any Legal Responsibility for Side Effects Caused by Improper Use.

Advice on Managing Botulinum Toxin

The optimal storage temperature for Botulinum
Toxin is 2°C to 8°C. Celmade has facilities for storing large quantities of
botulinum toxin. It is recommended that botulinum toxin be stored in the
refrigerator after it has been opened. We recommend using it within 30 days
after opening.

In addition, due to the nature of products that
must be diluted with saline, botulinum toxins are generally supplied in the
form of fine powder. For this reason, botulinum toxins may appear as empty

Celmade ships products in Styrofoam boxes with
ice packs. In order to keep the temperature below 8°C, the product is shipped
as sealed as possible, which lasts for about 5 to 8 days. However, due to
seasonal influences in the destination country, the ice pack may arrive melted.
But don't worry too much about this.

Studies have shown that the effect of
temperature changes on the effectiveness of botulinum toxins is only a loss of
up to 10%. That said, it is still effective and not very dangerous.

(Products like Innotox can be
stored up to 40°C, so they are not affected by the storage temperature.)

Determining Damage

Celmade is ensuring that products are shipped
in safe and robust packaging.

Occasionally, the exterior packaging may be
damaged, which we do not consider as damage.

We limit the definition of damage only to
product damage or loss, vial breakage, etc.

If it met these criteria for damage, please
request a replacement within 7 days of receiving the product, and we will
refund or resend the product.

In case of damage, we will pay the logistics
cost incurred during the return, and return is possible only through
international courier.

In addition, our Customer Service Center
provides a guide on the return procedure, so please make sure to check it
before returning it and follow the instructions.


Expected Delivery Time

All Celmade shipments originate from South
Korea. Shipping cost and delivery time vary depending on the destination
country, but it takes approximately 3-10 business days. This is based on
International Courier, DHL, FEDEX, etc., and may change depending on the
logistics situation in the destination country. This does not include Force
Majeure, such as natural disasters, political circumstances, or delays in
customs clearance.

Order Tracking

When shipping starts after ordering, please
log in by entering your ID and PW.

A Tracking Number is created to track the
product and you can track the shipment.

If delivery is delayed by more than 7 days,
please contact the Customs of your Country or the Customer Service Center of
your Local Logistics Company directly. Delivery delays may be due to issues
with Documents and Qualifications required for Customs Clearance and Taxation
according to the Destination Country’s Tax Laws, and Celmade is not involved in
taxes and customs clearance in the destination country.

For further enquiries, please contact the
Celmade’s Customer Service Center.

Customs & Taxes

Customs Clearance Issues

Medical-related products among Celmade’s
products have different Tax and Customs Clearance Standards according to the
Medical Law of the Destination Country. Medical-related products may have
Customs Issues, when imported from companies with no medical professional

Although Celmade is not involved in taxes and
customs in the destination country, we advise as follows:

If your product has been stopped or
confiscated by customs, you have the right to request unpacking or return it to
the shipper.

Celmade may resend returned products.
(Excluding logistics costs), or the refunds excluding shipping charges are

In the refund process, product inspection
begins after the returned product arrives at us, and if there is no problem
with the product, it will be refunded.

Celmade is not responsible for products
confiscated or destroyed by customs. 
(Please return the product if possible.)

Tax in Destination Country

All Celmade products are responsible for any
applicable taxes in Korea.

Taxes that may be levied in the destination
country may vary depending on the tax laws of the destination country. You are
responsible for the import tax of the destination country, and you need to
check the import tax of the country where you are located.


Order Delay Issue

Orders may be delayed due to various reasons
such as Insufficient Stock, Unknown Delivery Address, Discontinued Product,
Unconfirmed Payment, Delayed Response, etc.

Please contact our Customer Service Center and
we will solve it as soon as possible.

Withdraw Order

Cancellation is possible only for orders
received before the product is shipped, and orders cannot be canceled After

You can request a return after receiving the
product. Logistics costs for shipping and returning products are not
refundable, and depending on the payment method, a refund may incur a fee.

For more information, please visit our
Customer Service Center.



You can pay by credit card payment through our
shopping mall, Money Gram, Western Union, Wise or TT in advance bank transfer.

For payment via Money Gram, Western Union,
Wise, or TT in advance bank transfer, please contact our Customer Service
Center to inform you about the Payment Method in advance.

For payments made via Money Gram, Western
Union, Wise, TT in advance bank transfer, delivery is possible after we confirm
your final payment.

We do accept payments via Paypal. Refer your account page.

Return & Refund

Return & Refund

We will exchange or refund Within 14 Days in
the following cases.

Also, please contact our Customer Service
Center for guidance on exchange and refund procedures in advance.

1. The product is damaged

2. The wrong product was delivered

3. The product is missing

4. The customer changes their mind

We do not pay the return shipping cost for
refunds due to the customer’s change of mind.

The refund method may differ depending on the
initial payment method, and we do not compensate for the payment fee incurred
during payment.

In addition, refund fees may be added to
refunds due to a customer’s change of mind.

For orders that have passed 14 days after
receipt of the product, we consider the transaction to be closed.

Returns if the Product is Damaged, the Wrong Product was Delivered, or the Product is Missing

Please provide us with a Detailed Video of the
damaged product within 14 days of receiving the product.

We limit the definition of damage to Internal
Product Damage or Loss, Vial Breakage, etc., and damage to the exterior of the
packaging box is not considered as damage.

Exchange and Return due to Customer’s simple Change of Mind

Please report your change of mind to the
customer service center within 14 days of receiving the product. If the product
is damaged due to the customer’s fault, the product cannot be returned.

Before returning the product, please submit a
video showing whether the product is normal or not.

We are not responsible for shipping costs
incurred on returns.

Also, a refund fee may be charged depending on
the method of initial payment.

Refund Request for Dissatisfaction after using the product

Medical-related products among Celmade
products are recommended for use only by licensed medical professionals.

Because medical-related products are greatly
affected by individual health conditions, environment, and usage guidelines, in
case of misuse by an inexperienced or unlicensed person, even if used by a
licensee, may result in undesirable performance and results depending on the
end customer’s medical condition and medical history.

It is impossible to predict the various
environments and processes and the health status of each individual, and verify
the undesirable results that occur in the course of use. We announce the
detailed product characteristics of our products on our website. So We
recommend that you select our product by carefully considering the precautions
and product specifics when using it.

Celmade Disclaims any Liability for Product
Performance and Dissatisfaction or Adverse Effects.

However, if you want a refund due to
dissatisfaction with the product after use, please submit a detailed video
about the use process from the first opening to the unsatisfactory situation to
us. Then, after close review and consultation with our quality control team, we
will contact you to decide whether to refund the product or not.

For more information, please contact our
Customer Service Center.

Wholesale Inquiry

Wholesale Inquiry

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