celmade 1 time filler



The component of Celmade 1 Time Filler is ‘hyaluronic acid’.
Hyaluronic acid is a structural material of human
Body. It helps supplying moisture to the skin and cell reproduction.

Celmade 1 Time Filler is composed of network structure derivatives to maintain a high elasticity in the body and the various molecular weight of HA.

“Differentiated manufacture technology”

We use 100% hyaluronic acid
from the world best authorized company,
‘SHISEIDO’ in Japan.

Celmade 1 Time Filler

Celmade 1 Time Filler is a product designed for tissue regeneration and is based on hyaluronic acid, a crucial component found in various tissues of the body.

Hyaluronic Acid Structure and Characteristics:


Hyaluronic acid is a linear high polysaccharide composed of N-acetyl, D-glucosamine, and D-glucuronic acid.

It plays a vital role in maintaining tissue structure and facilitating the transportation of metabolites by binding water.

Hyaluronic acid is metabolized by somatic cells and can be used in both soft and hard tissue applications.

Roles of Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid serves structural and biological roles in the body.

Structurally, it is a key component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and acts as a natural moisturizing agent.

Biologically, it influences cellular functions, including wound healing, embryogenesis, bacteriostatic effects, and bone restoration.

Distribution of Hyaluronic Acid in the Body: 

Hyaluronic acid levels in various body fluids vary, and it decreases with age and chronic diseases. 


Celmade 1 Time Filler Technology:


The product utilizes differentiated manufacturing technology and exclusively uses hyaluronic acid from SHISEIDO, a renowned Japanese company.

It is available in different formulations, such as Celmade 1 Time Filler L, XL, and XXL, with and without lidocaine.


Efficacy and Benefits: 

Celmade 1 Time Filler offers long-term elasticity and maintains initial volume due to its unique network structure.

It demonstrates excellent syringeability, indicating easy injection and high elasticity.

In in-vivo safety experiments on mice and rats, the product exhibited favorable tissue responses and stability.

Complex viscosity and in-vitro enzyme stability tests showed superior results compared to other products.

The product has a low protein load and minimal endotoxin levels, ensuring excellent safety.

Celmade 1 Time Filler provides softness, volume, cohesiveness, durability, and stability after injection, with a duration of 12-18 months.


Instructions for Use:


It emphasizes the importance of checking the package for damage and verifying the expiry date.

Users are advised to wear surgical gloves and clean the surgical area before injection.

After opening the package, the contents should be used promptly and disposed of properly.



Certainly, here is a detailed summary of the injection methods for various facial areas using the Celmade 1 Time Filler:


Forehead Augmentation:

- Procedure to make a low forehead look solid.

- Use a big needle with a big diameter and about 3.5cm long length or inject using a cannula after centesis of the skin.

- Inject to medium or lower layer of dermis using high viscosity filler.

- In case of needing a big augmentation, use super high viscosity filler injected to the layer of fat.

 Celmade 1 time filler

Celmade 1 time filler

Temple Augmentation:

- Upheave hollow temple to make the lower part of the cheek look relatively small.

- Topical anesthesia (spread type) is sufficient.

- Inject using linear threading technique or fan technique on the backside of the hairline.

- Use medium viscosity filler for women and high viscosity filler for men or individuals with thick skin.


Cheek Augmentation:

- Fill hollow cheeks to make the face look younger.

- Topical anesthesia or infiltration anesthesia is recommended.

- Use a cannula for a wide injection range.

- Inject using linear threading technique or fan technique.

- For big augmentations, inject below the jaw using a cannula or 18G needle, contacting the bone.


Celmade 1 Time Filler

Paranasal Augmentation:

- Augment the area around the nose.

- Anesthesia may not be needed.

- Inject high viscosity filler after forming a base beneath the dermis.

- Implement infiltration anesthesia when needed.


Chin Augmentation:

- Use for slight under-jaw microsomia or asymmetry.

- Decide the filler type based on skin thickness and augmentation amount.

- Infiltration anesthesia may be needed.

- Inject to medium or lower layer of corium using high viscosity filler.

- Fix with a 27G needle if necessary.

 Celmade 1 Time Filler

Vermillion Augmentation (Lips):

- Be cautious as lips have many blood vessels and superficial nerve endings.

- Use topical anesthesia.

- Inject to the border from lips to mucous membrane using bevel-up.

- Inject within 2mm of the lower part of the epidermis.

Celmade 1 Time Filler

 Celmade 1 Time Filler

Nose Augmentation:

- Use to enhance the nose's height.

- Anesthesia is not necessary but topical anesthesia can be applied.

- Use absorption or unabsorbable filler with high viscosity.

- Be cautious about wearing glasses and sleeping positions.

Celmade 1 Time Filler

Celmade 1 Time Filler